Main attractions

    Trek down the Falaise de Bandiagara and through the timeless villages, now mostly abandoned, perched in shelters and caves on the cliff sides. Home to the Dogon, one of the country's most traditional tribes, whose rich and complex cosmology was carried across generations through dance masquerades
    This ninth century trading town on the River Bani, was a major centre of Islamic learning. The main sight is the masterful Grande Mosquee built in 1280. Haggle with locals on market day (Monday) beneath the shadow of the incomparable mosque, the largest mud building in the world.
    Take a slow boat up the river and into the culturally rich inland delta brushing past bird-filled reed beds and herds of hippos - a stage for one of the world's great river journeys.
    Malis biggest river port on the Niger River teeming with trading activity and colour. Often referred to as the 'Venice of Africa'  
  • TIMBUKTU This Saharan town garned famed from medieval reports of a fabulously wealthy town at the southern edge of the Sahara. Despite its poverty today the old mystique remains. Discover the legendary city, and stand amid the solitude of the Sahara watching a salt caravan arrive.
    Despite its modern veneer, Mali's capital city, which straddles the Niger, has a distinctly African feel, and pleasingly so. Dance to the infectious rhythms of the countrys world-famous musicians like Salif Keita and Toumani Diabate.