When to go

Ghana has a tropical equatorial climate, which means that its hot year-round with seasonal rains. In the humid southern coastal region, the rainy season is from April to June, and September / October. The dry months, November to March or July / August, are easier for travelling. Throughout the year, maximum temperatures are around 30 Celcius, dropping three or four degrees in between the rainy seasons. The humidity is constantly high, at about 80%. 

In the central region, the rains are heavier and last longer. In the hotter and drier north, there is one rainy season, lasting from April to October. Midday temperatures rarely fall below 30 Celcius, rising to 35 Celcius and higher during December to March when the harmattan wind blows in from the Sahara. 

The tourist high season is from June to August, which coincides with the US and European summer vacations