Cape Verde

Main attractions

    * Varied landscape * Capital city Praia * Old capital Cidade Velha * Rich history *    Santiago is the largest and most developed island in the Cape Verde with rich history, dramatic mountainous scenery and a lively nightlife. The capital city, Praia is situated on the island of Santiago, as well as the old capital of Cidade Velha, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Forte Real de Sao Filipe, the main slave trading point between Europe, Africa and America.
  • SAL
    * Beautiful beaches * Variety of water sports * Great resorts *   Sal is great for those looking for a relaxing beach holiday or for those keen water sport enthusiasts including fantastic diving, fishing, windsurfing and kite surfing. Sal, meaning 'Salt' is an interesting island as it is barren and dry with central salt mines, however the white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and beautiful resorts and hotels more than make up for the featureless interior. It is laid back, relaxing and makes for a wonderful stress free holiday. Santa Maria which lies approximately 20 minutes south of the airport is currently the main resort town for holiday makers on Sal. There is a good selection of restaurants and bars in Santa Maria and a large selection of hotel restaurants to choose from.
    * Fantastic Beaches * Gorgeous Resorts * Tranquil and Relaxing *   Boa Vista is one of the quieter island with a small population. The island is well known for its fantastic beaches that stretch for miles, one of the spectacular ones being Praia de Chaves. Boa Vista is thought to be the third most important loggerhead turtle nesting site in the world. The island offers some lovely world class resorts to totally kick back and relax at.
    * Cultural centre * Vibrant nightlife * Charming capital of Mindelo *   This is an island of contrasts. The capital Mindelo has cobbled streets and colourful 19th century European architecture with a real buzz about it, while the interior is mountainous but generally just as dry as Sal. Charming Mindelo has many restaurants and bars and has a rich tradition of music. Many of the restaurants and bars have weekly live traditional Cape Verdean music performances.
  • FOGO
    * Active volcano *  
    Fogo which means 'fire' is a volcanic island rising sharply from the ocean with its peak at 2829 meters. A highlight of the island is a visit to the active volcano crater. The crater floor is very fertile and the islanders grow coffee and produce their own wine. The main hike on Fogo is the ascent of the Pico, which takes four to five hours, depending on your fitness levels. The main town on the island is Sao Filipe which is known for its 'black' beach.