Burkina Faso

Fast facts

Burkina Faso is geographical situated in the heart of West Africa and is a destination that captures the imagination. It is a destination for the intrepid traveller and wins the hearts of travellers with its relaxed pace of life, friendly people and array of interesting sights. 

Inbound Tourism: 218 000 (2014)

AREA 274 122 sq km
CAPITAL Ouagadougou (metro pop. 2.5 million)
FAMOUS FOR Djemba and Balafoon music
BORDERS Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Togo
LANGUAGES French, More, Fulfulde, Lobi

Roch Marc Christian Kabore

GOVERNMENT Semi presidential republic
PEOPLE 63 ethnic groups among which are Mossi (almost half of the total population), followed by Gourmantch, Fulani, Dioula, and Bissa.
RELIGION Approximately 61 % of the population practice Islam, and the majority of this group belong to the Sunni branch, while remaining minorities adhere to the Shia branch. The Government also estimated that 19 % practices Roman Catholicism and 4% are members of various Protestant denominations. Traditional beliefs are followed by 15 % of the population.

Best time to visit Burkina: October to December

Marginally cooler months: Dec to Feb, though the  dusty harmattan winds can produce hazy skies in January and February.

Hot season: Mar to Jun

Wet months: Jun to Sep



MONEY West African CFA (XOF); USD1 = XOF550 / EUR1 = XOF656
POPULATION 17.3 million
VISAS Visas are required by most foreign nationals visiting Burkina Faso. Applications are done at the Burkina Faso Embassy or Consulate in your country.